About Us

Some will call us crazies, dreamers, adventurers, but we are just an ordinary bunch (Martina, Zdenka, Marek, Milan, Noro, Oldo, Richard, Evka, Marian and other growing enthusiasts) who took the opportunity that someone else threw away or even stomped into the ground. Yes, we are talking about the Vajnory land, where for centuries a vineyard flourished and today there are over 100 hectares of vineyards, returned to their owners in a ruined state. We have been asked whether we want to do something about it. Well, there is only one thing to do, roll up our sleeves, grab our tools, and work hard. Managing a vineyard is not an easy thing, some tasks can be done with a machine, but unfortunately no mechanism can cut, wire and fix the poles.

We approached the owners of one section to see if they would join us, or at least allow us to work the vineyards. So we managed to consolidate one of the few sections and took it under our patronage. The first phase, the rejuvenation of the vineyard, is behind us, we helped each other as much as we could, but in the end we made it. We have to repair the wire and replace the damaged posts and then tie in the freshly cut vines. Then the tractor will be able to puff merrily away, tilling the stagnant soil and preparing it for the start of spring. If we don't get one, however, we are left with manual labour.

But that's just the beginning, the hardest part. There will be much more to come, where you will be able to put your hand to the work, rest under the shade of the trees, refresh yourselves and recharge your batteries. So don't hesitate to join us, follow us and help us spread the idea that we've eagerly bitten into.

There will be more and more activities, not only in the vineyard, and we believe that we will succeed in bringing Vajnor back to its centuries-old connection with wine and vineyards, so that we can present it as a village in the city.